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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lilla Rose Review and Giveaway

 Lilla Rose Review and Giveaway
Note: This is a guest-post reviewing the product of a Catholic homeschooling mom.

     In recent months, I have been making a concerted effort to dress more modestly and in a more feminine manner. After making changes to my attitude and wardrobe, my untamed hair was the final hurdle. My hair is thick and wavy and takes forever to blow dry, so it usually ends up in a ponytail or bun. I can’t stand going to Mass with wet hair, but I feel that a ponytail isn’t always “dressy” enough for church. I’ve been eyeing the beautiful hair accessories from Lilla Rose and am excited to have the opportunity to share my experience with them.
     The first step was to figure out what size Flexi clips to order. My hair is thick and wavy and falls a few inches past my shoulders. Since I typically wear my hair in a ponytail, I selected a medium for that style. I chose an XL for when I want to wear my hair in a bun. The website has videos to help you choose the correct size for your hair and desired style. Choosing the correct size is so important if you want the clip to hold your hair all day! However, if you happen to order the wrong size, Lilla Rose will gladly exchange the Flexi for free within 90 days.
     The next step will be to choose from dozens of beautiful clips! I liked the silver clips because they’d pop against my dark hair.

Even the packaging is pretty!

     The first thing I noticed was that the stick is permanently attached to the Flexi clip, so I don’t have to worry about losing them. (You can’t tell by looking at the website, since the photos are of closed clips, so I was VERY pleasantly surprised!) You cannot imagine how awesome that is to me, in a house filled with boys where things disappear on a regular basis! Plus, a wayward stick can’t be used as a weapon or projectile, as often occurs ‘round these parts.

     I was also relieved to see that a how-to manual was included. I had been fretting about when I would ever find the opportunity to watch how-to videos, but my worries were abated as I followed the simple directions. Here is my first ever bun with my XL clip:

     It’s far from perfect, but it still looked decent and stayed in all day! And though it’s so simple, I felt so much more dressed up and put together while wearing it instead of my trusty thick, black, hair rubber band.

Bye-bye, rubber band! You have served me well, but I must move on…

Here’s a ponytail, using the medium Flexi clip:

Here’s a sad attempt at a French Twist, which I’ve never tried before, ever:

OK, I need to work on this one! I had much better luck with the “Tails Up.”

Other good things to know:
·         There is a one-year guarantee on defective items.
·         They offer more than just Flexi clips. They also have hair sticks, hair bands, bobby pins, and more!
·         Lilla Rose has monthly specials with limited-edition items
·         You can host a party and get FREE stuff!!!

Independent Consultant Katrina Burbank is sponsoring a giveaway, open to residents of the U.S. who are new to Lilla Rose. She will be giving away one item of the winner’s choice! (Good luck narrowing it down.) You can also like her page on Facebook.
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