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Monday, June 25, 2012

Is Romney Pro-Life?

Is Romney Pro-Life?

          Because of President Obama’s repeated attacks on Catholic values and Catholic institutions, most Catholics find themselves with a very easy choice this November.  However, although they are planning to vote for him, many are not completely comfortable with Mitt Romney.  One of the biggest concerns is his stance on life issues.
          Romney has repeatedly said for years that he is pro-life, and that he had a conversion experience that brought him to that conviction.  However, the image of him running in Massachusetts, promising to defend a woman’s “right to choose,” is hard to get out of one’s head.
          At the link below is an article from Dr. Jack Willke, president of the Life Issues Institute, in which he argues why he believes Romney’s pro-life stance is authentic.  He also shares an interesting experience he had with then vice presidential candidate George H.W. Bush regarding this issue.