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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Death of Health Insurance

The Death of 
Health Insurance

Where has the 
Catholic Alternative Gone?

          When Barack Obama ran for President in 2008, he said that under his health plan, if someone likes their current insurance, they can keep it.  Once Obamacare became law, we saw that wasn’t going to be the case.  The loss of previously-enjoyed health insurance is picking up speed.
          As a teacher at a Catholic school, I have six months, until July 1, to figure out what to do for myself and my family because as of July 1, I will no longer have health insurance.  Many Americans are faced with the same dilemma.
          Due to the HHS mandate, unless the courts decide to start showing some decency, common sense or Constitutional integrity, health insurance will no longer be able to be ethically offered by Catholic institutions. 
          Even if we are spared the mandate, I was recently told to expect my costs to rise another 15% (they have already been skyrocketing since Obama took office) and to expect my benefits to begin to be taxed.  This would lower my take-home pay to its lowest level in seven years and make health insurance completely unaffordable, an effect of Obamacare that was totally predictable.
          The hope that Catholics had was Solidarity Health Share, a health sharing plan (not insurance) that was to be affordable and managed according to Catholic principles.  This plan was to become available as of this month, but all of a sudden, its Web presence has disappeared.  I have put in a phone call to Immaculata Management Group, who is behind the plan.  I am looking for information about its status.  If anyone has knowledge about where it stands, or perhaps the new location of its Web presence, please email me at  I will continue to search and provide updates on this blog.