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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Link - Grieving the Loss of a Child

Link – Grieving the Loss of a Child

Losing a child during pregnancy is a pain that many people have to suffer, and is often misunderstood.  The following link is a beautiful, heartfelt reflection by Christine Ostendorf on this experience.  Her thoughts encourage us to consider the term, “miscarriage,” as if the mother had somehow carried her baby wrongly.  As Ostendorf quotes Kimberly Hahn: “If the goal of Christian parenting is getting your children to heaven, then we have already succeeded with this child.”

“I had not miscarried my baby,” says Ostendorf, “I carried her with love and strength to the place we all aim for, heaven.”

Also in the article’s comments is the pastoral wisdom of a priest, who says, "A baby is a baby no matter how small. Some are born so that we may care for them, and some go straight to heaven to intercede for us;" as well as a link to the Shrine of the Holy Innocents, where parents can enroll their children whom they’ve lost.