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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

California Mission Pilgrimage - 6

California Mission Pilgrimage(6)

Day Seven: Easter Thursday


Mission Santa Clara

          We were only planning to visit two Missions this day, and then spend the night with my mother, who lives in the East Bay Area.  We started with Mission Santa Clara.  This Mission is totally unique because it is located on a college campus!  It is the church for Santa Clara University, a Catholic college.  The chapel is a beautiful building in the middle of campus, and the inside of the church is really rather stunning.  One problem, however, is that the office doesn’t open until 1:00.  We were ready to leave about 10:00, but we also wanted our passport stamped.  One of my sons and I explored the student commons and the campus ministry office, searching for a stamp, to no avail.

          We ended up coming back after visiting Mission San Jose, only about half an hour away, and found a student in the church office who let us in an hour early and gave us our stamp.

The old cemetery has been turned into a rose garden

Mission San Jose

          Not far from Santa Clara is Mission San Jose.  This Mission is in a busy downtown area, very different from the rural setting of most of the Missions we had visited the previous few days.  The Mission contains a modest museum area, which we actually found to be pretty nice, even after having visited so many.  Then, of course, there is the church itself, which still serves a parish community.

          That is one thing to be careful of when visiting the Missions.  It is great to be able to attend Mass there, but sometimes there is a wedding or a funeral (as we would discover the next day) and visiting the church may not work out.

What the Mission looked like in its early years