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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The 2016 Election: The First Issue

The 2016 Election: 
The First Issue

          Last week we were treated to the first two of the Republican presidential debates.  The distractions of Donald Trump notwithstanding (I can not judge him or his motives, but every time he speaks, a Trump presidency seems more ridiculous), I liked some of what we heard, especially regarding candidates’ pro-life commitments.
          But before I try to navigate my way through the immense field of candidates, many of whom I have been a long-time fan of, I find the legitimacy of the upcoming election to be a much more pressing issue.  I say this because if the 2016 election is anything like 2012, it is already over (stolen).
          Although corruption in politics is par for the course (Trump admitted to buying influence during the debate), and even election fraud is nothing new, in my opinion, 2012 was a masterpiece of dishonesty.  Here are some things to consider:
  •  Some precincts got over 100% turnout.  Not even the best get-out-the-vote campaigns can do that honestly.
  • Democratic election workers were caught on video advising people how they could cast votes in more than one state.
  • Voting machines were routinely documented as changing people’s “Romney” votes to “Obama” votes.
  • In certain precincts (in Philadelphia, for example) Obama got thousands of votes, and Romney got zero.  That is, supposedly, not even one person out of tens of thousands cast a Romney vote.  That is impossible anywhere in the United States.  By contrast, in Romney’s strongest precinct, a small town in Texas, he received 116 votes, and Obama still got 2.
          These are just a few of the “irregularities,” as I remember them.  An Internet search should be able to provide you with details and documentation.  With so many local people involved, it is impossible to pinpoint the blame, and even in a coordinated effort, there are many players, so I am not casting aspersions on Mr. Obama or anyone else.  It should also be pointed out that there have been instances in recent years of similar fraud on the Republican side, whether to the same degree I do not know.
          The point is that we are in a country that is dying and we have a major election coming up, but we have very little assurance that this election will be any more valid than those that kept Saddam Hussein in power for so long.  So our first order of business should be to demand a fair election.  Our Congressmen should hear of our concerns, as should our Secretaries of State.
          Vigilance is the price of freedom.  The dishonest will try to have people dismissed as imaginative conspiracy theorists, but nothing is as sure as corruption when it comes to the seeking of power.  And we need not cast about wild accusations, just let people know we are watching.  And groups like Freedom Watch and others should begin now to expose irregularities and demand an honest election.  Then hopefully we can trust that our decision of which candidate to support will at least mean something.