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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Few Changes

A Few Changes

          You may notice a few minor changes to this blog in the coming weeks.  First, I have decided to add occasional polls, just for fun.  Some will be about issues specific to the Catholic Faith and some (as this week’s demonstrates) will not.  I am also discerning experimenting with Google’s AdSense.  I will not be adding it now, but I may try it in the future to see what kind of control I have over what is advertised.  I personally recommend all the products I have currently linked.  Obviously that will not be the case with AdSense, but I want to be sure nothing I consider inappropriate will appear.  Also, I do not want to promote companies that financially support Planned Parenthood or other endeavors that oppose the Catholic Faith or morality.  Of course I do not know all the actions of every company, but some of that information is made available by Life Decisions International.

          Finally, although this blog is currently not set up to feature comments, if you would like to comment on anything that has appeared, please email me (  Please indicate in the email, however, if you would not like me to publish your comments.