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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Movie Review - Courageous (Re-Post)

Movie Review – Courageous

On July 17 the movie Courageous was released on DVD and Blu-Ray.  I reviewed it when it was in the theaters, so I’m re-posting the review for anyone who missed it in October.

In 2008 members of the Sherwood Baptist church in Albany, Georgia released the movie Fireproof, which explored our current marriage crisis by following fireman Caleb Holt as he tries to save his marriage after his wife has demanded a divorce.  His conversion to Christ gives life to his efforts.

          The makers of Fireproof have just released their newest film, Courageous, which opened September 30.  Courageous takes a similar approach, this time exploring fatherhood, and our duties as Christian fathers.

          Near the beginning of the film we are hit with the sociological reality that the vast majority of our prison inmates, drug addicts and troubled youths grew up without involved fathers.  The main characters this time are police officers and as the film progresses they are confronted with their frailties as fathers and inspired to take public vows affirming their commitment to being Godly fathers.

          It has been said that our age is in a crisis of men, that many of us are allergic to commitment and want to cling to our adolescence, refusing the responsibility of becoming an adult.  There is a lot of truth to that.  It is refreshing to see a movie confront this crisis head on and call on men to step up and be men.

          The movie is enjoyable.  Unlike 2006’s Bella, which starred Eduardo Verastegui, and was an effective evangelistic tool to address the issue of abortion, Courageous does not boast professional actors.  It is somewhat apparent at times, but the acting really isn’t bad.  Some parts seem a little forced but others are done superbly.  At one point it delivers a poignant and extremely believable portrayal of a Christian family’s struggle through unexpected tragedy.

          It is refreshing to go the theater and see a film in which the characters speak openly of Jesus in a reverent manner, women are dressed modestly and the language is inoffensive.  This from a film that deals often with issues of crime, such as drug abuse and violence.  It is a good model for other Hollywood producers.  Courageous also has its share of action, suspense and even humor.  It is a film worth seeing.

          One can only hope films like Courageous, Fireproof and Bella are only the beginning of a movement of Christian filmmakers bringing their faith to the big screen.  Movies can be a powerful tool of evangelization and a means of bringing God back into the conversation of the issues of our day.

          One word of caution, if taking young people to the film, the previews and pre-movie entertainment were not at all fitting for a Christian film.  I suppose that would all depend on where you see it, but you’d think the theaters would anticipate the audience.  I heard a number of other people grumbling about it as well.