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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Link - Evolutionism and Morality

Link – Evolutionism and Morality

          At the link below Ross Blackburn discusses the way we must defend the dignity of every human life in the context of our secularized culture.  Specifically, he comments on an article in Human Life Review that suggested we must do so with secular terms, on a secular playing field.  Blackburn disagrees.  Though we must have a grasp of secularist thinking, he points out that secularism / Darwinism is incapable of putting intrinsic value on human life, at least all human life, including the vulnerable.  Our culture has lost its mind.  But truth comes from God.  And Truth remains true even if our society has largely lost the ability even to properly seek it, let alone to find it.
We have as much reason to expect the secularist to abandon naturalist assumptions as he should have for us to remove God from our arguments.  One major problem is that an atheistic or Darwinist approach is incapable of accounting for morality.  If the last century has taught us anything, it is the perils of removing morality from a society.  We continue to face these perils.
At the link is a lengthy but brilliant analysis.