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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Political Insanity

Political Insanity

I’ve seen two political articles the past few days that I have found quite disturbing.  The first was from a disappointed Santorum supporter (which I happen to be) and seemed to suggest that Catholics should be disappointed enough with a Romney candidacy to consider sitting this election out.  The second referenced two polls regarding who Catholics are supporting now that the Republican nomination has been secured.

This is a Catholic blog, not a political blog.  However, it is the duty of all Catholics, particularly the laity, to bring our Faith to bear on public life, and do our best to “baptize the culture.”  This is not optional; it is a mandate.  If we compartmentalize our Faith or suggest that as Catholics we have no business making strong political statements, we are being remiss in our duties, both to God and country.

Our political statements can and must be highly critical of the actions of public figures that oppose the Law of God.  They must be honest, of course, and we must never wish ill on a person we oppose, or cast spiritual judgment on them.  This blog is called “Servant of Charity,” and I try very hard not to violate the demands of charity, properly understood.

That being said, I have some rather strong feelings about the articles I recently saw.  As a Santorum supporter I too am disappointed that Romney will be the nominee.  I suspect he is a good and decent man, but his record in Massachusetts causes me to question his commitment to the principles I would like championed by a President.

That being said, he is running against Barack Obama.  Sitting this election out is not an option. 

People say this election will be about the economy, and the truth is that the economy still stinks.  But the fact of the matter is that the dividing line that demands people come down on one side or the other is the line that separates the Culture of Life from the Culture of Death.  As long as that battle rages, we have no business casting our votes based on tax rates or the growth rate of GDP.  We are soldiers for the armies of the Culture of Life.  Mr. Obama is currently the general of the armies of the Culture of Death.  He has expanded abortion with his health care legislation, his judicial appointments and his HHS mandate.  He has refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act.  He has waged war on conscience, especially when it comes to life issues.  His justice department has persecuted peaceful sidewalk counselors whose only crime has been to successfully provide women in crisis pregnancies with options other than abortion.  The list goes on.  In this war, he is the enemy.

Understand, I do not hate Mr. Obama or judge his soul, or wish to see him lose his soul.  I pray for him every day by name, but I will do what I can to defeat him.  And if the choice is supporting a candidate I’m not completely enthusiastic about, that is an easy choice to make.

The other article, from the National Catholic Register, cited two polls.  The first, from the Pew Research Center, showed all people identifying themselves as Catholics supporting Romney 50%-45%.  A Gallup poll, however, showed that the only group of Catholics supporting Romney at all were what they called “very religious,” by a spread of 50%-46%.  Obviously that makes no sense.  The numbers don’t add up, so there is serious error in at least one of the polls.

The Church will not tell us specifically for whom to vote.  However, she has made clear that while all social justice issues are of great importance, the right to life is preeminent.  Also, the bishops have unanimously stood up to the President in defense of religious freedom, which he is violating, to the point of promising civil disobedience.

With this background, it is impossible that 46% of “very religious” Catholics, no matter by what doctored criteria one defines the term, support Mr. Obama.

Cardinal Dolan has said, with regard to the HHS mandate, “We did not ask for this fight, but we will not run from it.”  All Catholics must take that motto for their own as we approach the November elections.