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Monday, August 20, 2012

CD of the Month Club

CD of the Month Club

Lighthouse Catholic Media has launched the first Catholic CD of the Month Club.  In response to the pope’s call for a new evangelization, Lighthouse Catholic Media was created to bring education on topics relating to the Faith to the laity, mainly through the use of CDs featuring leading Catholic speakers.
The CDs are generally made available through parishes, and cover topics such as faith, morals, history, apologetics, pro-life, spirituality and prayer, conversion testimonies, and more.  Some notable speakers are Scott Hahn, Matthew Kelly, Mother Teresa, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Father Robert Barron, etc.
Now CDs are being delivered every month to people’s homes when they sign up for the CD of the Month Club.  (There is also a Download of the Month Club, for people who find that more convenient.)  One of the greatest challenges in our time is the lack of well-catechized Catholics.  The result is that many fall away, and many more struggle to apply their faith to their lives.  Many Catholics would like to learn more about the Faith, but feel they don’t have the time.  The beauty of the Lighthouse program is that people can listen and learn while they are working around the house, commuting to and from work, working out, whatever.
To sign up for the CD or Download of the Month Club, click on the image at the end of this post or at the sidebar.  Membership in the CD Club is $5 a month, and $3 for downloads.
I became involved with this ministry as part of a broad effort to increase the Catholic identity and spiritual resources by the Catholic school at which I teach.  If you are interested in bringing the program to your parish school, youth group, religious education program, etc., please email me ( and I can put you in contact with a representative from your area.  I am also very interested in bringing good materials to Catholics on college campuses, so if you are in contact with a Newman Center, or have one’s contact information, I would love to make that connection.
One word of caution, especially if you choose to receive more than one copy each month to share: Most of the speakers are intellectual, orthodox Catholics.  Lighthouse tries to ensure an authentic presentation of the Faith.  However, occasionally a Scripture reference may be confusing, or a conversion story may include personal opinions or experiences, and may need to be put into context.  Be prepared to answer questions or give a reference for a good priest who can, especially if you share with friends or non-Catholics.  Adults should exercise caution before listening with children, as there are references to sexuality and abortion in some talks.  There are, by the way, a few CDs specifically for kids, and many in Spanish, as well.