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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Akin Gaffe Should Lead to Tough Questions for Obama

Akin Gaffe Should Lead

to Tough Questions

for Obama, not Romney

Most of us have heard the recent comments of Congressman Todd Akin, which have led to a firestorm of criticism and has shaken up the Missouri Senate race.  If you haven’t, please watch the video below.

The Obama campaign has tried to turn this gaffe to his advantage by connecting, in people’s minds, the entire GOP to the comments of this one man.  I know that Akin is making a shift of power in the Senate more difficult, but I think that reflection on what Congressman Akin said should actually lead to an indictment of the President rather than the GOP.

First, the point that Akin was trying to make has been lost in the media frenzy.  The question regarded abortion and on that point, Akin was absolutely correct: we should never punish an innocent child, especially with the death penalty, for the crimes of his father.  This is the first indictment of the President.

But let’s explore the controversial part of the statement, particularly the phrase “legitimate rape.”  I suspect Congressman Akin, a married man with daughters, did not intend to show indifference to the heinous crime of rape or insensitivity to the suffering of its victims.  Whatever he meant, however, it is easy to see why people were offended.  I certainly have a problem with the phrase.  And Mitt Romney, in an effort not to be caricatured by the Democrats’ fictitious “war on women,” gave a disappointingly pandering response to the controversy.

But which Presidential candidate has shown an indifference to rape?  I submit that it is President Obama.  It is well-documented that Planned Parenthood routinely covers up rape, child abuse and sex trafficking.  And yet, Mr. Obama misses no opportunity to praise that organization, speak at its functions, or take its money.  I don’t suspect Mr. Obama is personally callous toward victims of rape, but he seems to be willing to aid and abet enablers of its perpetrators.  This is inexcusable, and Mr. Akin’s recent comment sheds light on the fact that it’s the President, not the GOP, that has some tough questions to answer on this issue.

I wrote about this issue in more depth a few months ago in my post about Live Action.