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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lila Rose - Soldier in the Church Militant

Lila Rose – Soldier in the Church Militant

For a little over a year my wife and I have chaired the Respect Life ministry at our parish.  Recently we were asked to assist with the creation of a social justice group to address other issues beyond the Right to Life.  We agreed and I am excited to attack another evil I’m passionate about destroying – human trafficking, particularly sex slavery.  Ironically, but not surprisingly, it pits me against a familiar enemy – Planned Parenthood.

          Perhaps no organization is more complicit in the human trafficking tragedy than Planned Parenthood, as has been made public by Lila Rose and her organization Live Action.  I am always honored to promote a charity or ministry doing the Lord’s work, and Live Action is certainly a worthy combatant in the Church Militant.  Ms. Rose and her associates have repeatedly gone under cover into Planned Parenthood centers asking for help with a problem.  They have an under-aged girl needing an abortion and want to either skirt parental notification laws or protect the supposed father of the child, an older man, perhaps even her own father.  They have gathered scores of video evidence showing Planned Parenthood attendees giving advice of what to do and say and what not to say, to allow them to provide the abortion without reporting.

          These videos are proof of what has long been known, that Planned Parenthood routinely protects statutory rapists, performs abortions on little girls, and then callously sends them away with their molesters.  Recently Live Action obtained video of Planned Parenthood counseling a “pimp” as to how he could obtain abortions for his prostitutes as young as fourteen, who are in the country illegally.  The man portraying the pimp made it obvious that these young girls were victims of the sex trade.  Not only was he promised abortions with no legal troubles, he was offered a place at the front of the line for an extra kickback.

          Lila Rose and her organization are creative and effective adversaries of the planet’s most notorious anti-life group, which is why Planned Parenthood is sparing no expense to try and take them down with frivolous lawsuits and violent threats.  It’s also why Live Action provides the rest of us with a unique and powerful opportunity to take down this wicked giant.  Planned Parenthood has already lost millions thanks to their efforts.  They are always in need of funds and prayers to continue the fight.

          It is also important that we let our Congressmen know how much we care about this issue, and not let President Obama off the hook for being such a faithful supporter of human trafficking.  Mr. Obama has repeatedly forced funds into the coffers of Planned Parenthood, including at the state level by withholding federal dollars from states that will not fund Planned Parenthood.  In doing so, he has, unintentionally I imagine, become an important ally to sex slavers all around the country and across our borders.  By also refusing federal dollars to Catholic charities that have been so effective at helping the victims of human trafficking (for the crime of refusing to provide them abortions) he has given further support to abusers.  Mr. Obama needs to know that we are aware of the disastrous results of these policies and how many innocent women and children are so terribly hurt by them.  It is amazing what enough pressure can accomplish.  And thanks to Ms. Rose and Live Action, everyone is beginning to see the extent of the ugliness of Planned Parenthood, making the President’s faithful support more politically damaging, especially in this election year.  Not to mention that as morally empty as many of his policies are, I do not suspect him of being a man who would relish the opportunity to support human trafficking and sex slavery.  Perhaps we can light a spark in his conscience.  We can also remember to pray for those who work at Planned Parenthood.  As the story of recent convert to pro-life heroics Abby Johnson reminds us, many employees of Planned Parenthood are not monsters, and may only need the Grace our prayers can obtain to become saints.

          Other than Live Action, here are links to other organizations that are fighting to end human trafficking and support the healing of its victims.  May none of us remain silent.