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Monday, March 5, 2012

Link - Linsanity in China?

Link – Linsanity in China?

          Now that football season has given way to basketball, Lin-sanity has taken the place of Tebow-mania.  Jeremy Lin, of course, is the Harvard-educated New York Knicks point guard who not long ago was sleeping on his brother’s couch after being dropped by multiple teams, and not being given any real chance to prove whether he could play.  Well, the chance finally presented itself and Lin made the most of it, setting all-time records for points and assists among players in their first ten starts.

          At the link below is an interesting story from a different angle.  Lin, of course, is Asian-American with a Chinese and Taiwanese background.  He is also a devout Christian.  As one might imagine, Lin is the hottest craze in China right now, and he may have a unique opportunity to change attitudes in that atheistic country about God and perhaps even about the people of Taiwan.