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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Has Obama Wakened the Sleeping Giant?

Has Obama Wakened the Sleeping Giant?

          The Catholic population, as a voting bloc, has been quite unreliable for many election cycles when it comes to voting our principles.  Our bishops have been very civil and accommodating of politicians from both parties, mainly staying above the fray.  But with President Obama’s recent declaration of war on the Church, and his message to USCCB head Cardinal Dolan that “compromise is off the table,” he may find Catholics far less accommodating than we have been in the past.  In the video below, Father John Hollowell responds to a Planned Parenthood request for videos titled, “I Have a Say,” encouraging women to support the President’s contraception / abortion / sterilization mandate.  Father’s video has a different message and contains the hope that the Sleeping Giant, Catholics in America, is finally waking up.

Let us join Father Hollowell in his righteous anger.  May it spur us to fight this battle rather than run from it, and in keeping with Our Lord's command, let us always remember to pray not only for each other but also for those against whom we are fighting.  May their conversion be a jewel in the Crown of God.