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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mocking God

Mocking God

          I had an entirely different (non-election related) story written and ready to post, but then, in the past day, I have come across four news stories that I can’t keep from commenting on.
1)     Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin was arrested in the 1980s for praying outside an abortion clinic.
2)    Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said he opposes abortion in instances of rape and that he believes the child is created by God.
3)    The Obama campaign has been inundating women in swing states with ads that paint Mitt Romney as a pro-life “extremist.”
4)    The “October surprise” from the left may be to rehash an old story in which Romney, as a Mormon leader, counseled a woman in his congregation not to have an abortion.

These stories are all being floated in efforts to hurt the pro-life candidates, which tells us a few things.  First, after seeing the debates and getting to know both candidates, it is clear that on substance and leadership, and now, according to polls, on favorability, the American people prefer Mitt Romney to Barack Obama.  Second, the left is in desperation mode, and whoever is behind these attacks is making the President look like a very small man.  Finally, this is the latest attempt to push the idiotic rhetoric about a “war on women,” and drive the gender gap back to Obama’s and the Democrats’ favor.
Although this type of thing should sicken us, by now it shouldn’t surprise us.  I doubt it surprises Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan, either.  They are not perfect, but Romney and Ryan are genuinely good men, and this is the way good men are treated in American politics.  As Catholics, who believe in the dignity of every human life, it should infuriate us, but I think there is one group that should be more offended than most: women.
The left continues to treat women as though they are idiots.  They assume that all women are pro-abortion (even though our country is polling more pro-life than it has for 30 years) and seem entirely disinterested in the devastating pain abortion leaves in its wake.
It is time for Christian women to stand up.  I know many already have.  The Democrats are trying to make you look like fools.  Take back your identity.  Defend your dignity.  There is nothing as uniquely beautiful as a woman of Faith, devoted to Truth, in love with her Lord, and courageous enough to stand and be counted.
We are in desperate need of real men of God, as well.  There was a time when men in this country would suffer death to protect their women and children.  Now we as a nation slaughter our children and ravage our women, primarily so men can avoid responsibility.  We are a nation of boys.  We need to take back our manhood.  It is up to men of God - no one else will do it.  We can no longer tolerate, with shielded eyes, the evil in our midst.
The United States of America is starving for real men, real women, real Christians.  I say we need to stand up.  But how?  That is something for each of us to prayerfully consider.  Just don’t do nothing.  God will use each of us as He desires, if we only make ourselves available.
The first thing we have to recognize is that we are in a spiritual war.  Looking at the news the last few days, and really this whole election cycle, it is clear that evil is now the official Democratic platform, and as a party, they are unashamed about it.  The President’s campaign is pushing the “war on women,” touting the HHS mandate as a great accomplishment, and painting Romney as unqualified for office because he is pro-life.  God is being mocked.
No Catholic can vote for Mr. Obama with a clear conscience, but by encouraging people to vote for him specifically because of his pro-abortion stance, Democrats are encouraging mortal sin.  Souls are at stake, and God is being mocked.
God will not be mocked, though.  He will not shrink in the corner and concede to any earthly power.  I don’t presume to know or even predict what God will or will not do, and thankfully, God’s justice comes with love and mercy.  But I do not believe He will be mocked.  Perhaps his justice will be wrought through us, through our courage, through our voices, and through our votes.
This is a spiritual war and we must fight it on a spiritual plane.  Of course we must be active, and we also must be prayerful.  We need to spend our time in Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament; we need to sacrifice; we need to go to Mass as much as possible; we need to perform acts of charity; and we need to offer them for our country and this election.
We have to pray for ourselves, too.  It is easy to get angry, and it is appropriate.  The above-mentioned stories should inspire righteous anger.  But righteous anger can easily turn to sinful anger and judgment.  We must pray for peace in our souls, pray for our enemies (especially those on the left committing these shameful acts, whoever they are), and pray for the souls of our countrymen, whether or not they agree with us politically.
The Roman Empire could not destroy the Church.  Neither will the culture of death.  The blood of the martyrs has always been the seed of the Church.  Whether our martyrdom will be white or red, we must offer our lives.