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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Letter

The Letter

          The letter written in this video was written by one woman.  It could have been written by millions.  Abortion is the greatest destroyer of life, both of women and children, that this world has ever known.  When our pro-abortion President and vice president brag about their position on social issues and their funding for Planned Parenthood, and even their trying to force the Catholic Church to support social evils, they need to be taken to account.  When they talk about a “war on women,” they should have to explain why they are the aggressors.  Our culture says Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan had better not flaunt their pro-life views if they want to win.  We need to rebuild a culture that believes that if you can’t protect the most vulnerable, if you can’t stand up for your women and children, there is no room for you in public office.
          This letter expresses one woman’s pain.  It describes the pain of millions.  Please share the message that there is hope after abortion.  There is forgiveness and there is peace.  I have known many heroic women in the pro-life movement who have found that peace, and are even honoring their lost children by being the voice for others.