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Saturday, April 20, 2013

'Not Today' Movie Review

Not Today Movie Review

“Slavery is real.”  These are the opening words and primary message of Not Today, produced by Friends Media, which opened in theaters April 12.  Following such films as Fireproof and Courageous, Not Today is the latest feature film, released in theaters, created by a church.
At the start of the movie, viewers are introduced to Caden Welles, a spoiled 20 year-old who has been given material riches by his wealthy father, but who has abandoned his Christian faith because he’s angry with God over his parents’ divorce.
Caden and three friends decide to spend some of his father’s money on a trip to India, where they expect to party nonstop and live it up in a five-star hotel.  Caden’s world gets turned upside down, however, when he meets Kiran, a homeless man, and his daughter Annika, who are starving.
Feeling guilty for refusing to help the pair, Caden finds Kiran, only to learn that he and his daughter are members of the lowest caste in India, the Dalits or “untouchables,” and as such have no real opportunities available to them.  Desperate, Kiran has sold his daughter in the hopes that she will find a better life as a domestic servant, and maybe even an education.
Distraught and confused, Caden does some research and learns that Dalits are routinely taken advantage of by human traffickers who trick them into selling their children into sweatshop labor or sex slavery.  The remainder of the movie follows Caden and Kiran’s desperate search for Annika in the hopes of rescuing her.  In the process, Caden has to face his anger with God and somehow come to trust Him again.
Not Today was obviously created by people with hearts for the victims of human trafficking throughout the world, and its primary purpose is to make people aware of the reality of slavery (there are anywhere from 10 to 30 million slaves in the world, many of them young children sold into prostitution), and to inspire people to get involved.  Still, it is a powerful movie with a gripping plot.
Christians will relate to the main characters and even non-Christians will be moved by the reality of human trafficking, and the tragic plight of the Dalits.  One of the greatest virtues of the film is the many resources it offers viewers to get involved in the fight against slavery and the abuse of the Dalits:
Free the Slaves:
Dalit Freedom Network:
For more information or to bring Not Today to your area, visit the official site,
Finally, at the close of the film, viewers are asked to text the word ‘Today’ to 68398, to help provide schools and other safe environments for children most at risk of human trafficking.