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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Evolution vs. God?

Evolution vs. God?

          I grew up a believer in both God and evolution.  As a Catholic, my Faith has provided much intellectual freedom in this respect.  However, it was not because of intellectual freedom that I believed in evolution, but because of indoctrination. 
          It wasn’t until I came across world class scientists, who came to question and eventually abandon their evolutionary beliefs, that I began to understand that my nagging questions about the theory were quite reasonable.  As I began to study the issue, I found no evolutionist with acceptable answers to those questions.  Couple that with the deceit I found surrounding the theory and its supposed “evidence,” and I could no longer regard it as reasonable.  It was my fidelity to scientific truth that caused me to conclude that Darwinian macro-evolution is a fantasy.
          The following trailer is for a film (which I have not seen) that seems to frame the question of God and evolution as an either / or proposition.  However, what particularly interests me is that the producer appears to ask leaders in the field of evolutionary biology the questions that have long been elephants in the room of the scientific establishment, and have for too long been ignored.