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Monday, July 8, 2013

One Sure Way to Defeat the Mandate

One Sure Way to Defeat the Mandate:
And Why it Will Never Happen

          August 1 is only a few weeks away.  That means that the Obama Administration’s insidious anti-Christian HHS mandate will be put into full effect, causing many people to choose between their faith and their livelihood, unless it can be defeated before then.
          How is it, with the United States sitting at 20% Catholic, that a policy directly attacking the Faith, officially opposed by the bishops, can advance so far?  It seems to me that we most certainly have the power to win this battle; we just don’t have the will.
          Economic boycotts have been extremely effective throughout history, American history and otherwise.  With millions of other Christians appalled by the mandate, on top of the 20% of the country that is Catholic, we can bring this government to its knees.  If we all, in a united effort, refused to work, or to purchase anything besides the basic essentials until the mandate was terminated, Mr. Obama would face a clear choice: give in on the mandate, or face a Depression like this country has never seen.
          We have the power to win this going away.  And yet it will never happen, not that way.  Why not?  Our bishops are very clear about this issue, and a massive economic boycott is a just, even noble, way to defend our First Freedom.
          But, of course, we do not have the will.  With only 25% of Catholics seriously practicing their Faith, it is completely unreasonable to think that any more than half that number would take the idea of a sustained boycott (or any sustained sacrificial effort) seriously.  The 3% of the U.S. population that might be willing to undertake the effort could easily be fired and replaced by the millions who are currently unemployed.
          It is clear that the crisis we are facing is not first and foremost a crisis of tyranny; it is a crisis of faith.  There is hope, of course, to defeat the mandate.  That hope will most likely come through the courts.  That is never a safe bet, but the injustice of the Administration’s policy is quite obvious, so there is reason for hope.  (The 10th Circuit’s recent decision is very encouraging.)
          And of course the millions of faithful, Catholic or otherwise, that are willing to take a stand can continue to stand up and speak out, and especially, to pray.  Perhaps Mr. Obama will have a change of heart.  Perhaps the courts will get it right.  All things are possible with God.  And whatever happens, one thing we can be confident of, is that He will be with His people.