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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christ the King

Christ the King

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This Sunday, the last Sunday of the liturgical year, is the feast of Christ the King.  This feast was established in 1925 by Pope Pius XI, in his encyclical Quas Primas, in response to a rising secularism that denied Christ’s authority in this world.

The feast of Christ the King reminds us that Jesus is not just Lord of Heaven, but of earth as well.  The king of this world is not the government, or the United Nations, or the popular culture; it is Jesus Christ.

With secularism in our time taking the false notion of “the separation of Church and state” to ridiculous conclusions, it is a good time for us to meditate on just Whose world this is, and where true authority comes from.

This Sunday’s feast is also a reminder that Christ must be the King of our hearts.  Does He rule in our hearts?  In our lives?  Is He the end toward which we strive?  Do we allow Him to guide our thoughts, our words, and our actions?  And do we submit ourselves to His authority, which He has left us in His Church?

As we approach Advent, when we will be preparing to welcome Christ anew by celebrating His coming in history, these are essential questions to ponder.  And hopefully our meditations surrounding the feast of Christ the King can help us to make changes in our own lives if need be.  Once we, His people, unashamedly allow Christ to be the King of our hearts and submit ourselves to His loving authority, we can lead our culture down the same path.