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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Link - Navigating 'Francispoloza'

Link – Navigating ‘Francispoloza’

Since his election, many people have been trying to paint Pope Francis in different ways.  Often, they try to paint him in their own image.  Liberal media outlets have taken numerous comments out of context to try and convince people that the teachings of the Church are about to radically change.  However, to most people paying attention, I think the pope has made clear that is not about to happen.  (People of Faith knew that all along.)

Pope Francis has demonstrated a genuine humility, a deeply pastoral heart, and an authentic love for Christ and His Church.  As Catholics, we may be on the receiving end of many questions about this shepherd of ours, who has so captivated the world and also so confused it.  The link below gives an interesting perspective on how to respond to such questions.