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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Action - Urge Gov. Perry to Save a Life!

Action – Urge Gov. Perry to Save a Life!


This weekend, a judge ordered the murder of an innocent person.  In a tragic story, Marlise Munoz suffered a pulmonary embolism and has been declared brain dead.  She is currently 22 weeks pregnant.  Texas law states that a pregnant mother must be kept on life support for the sake of the unborn child’s life.  Munoz’s baby is alive and many experts have contended it has an excellent chance of survival.

However, a district judge has ordered that Mrs. Munoz be taken off life support by Monday evening, which will kill the little baby.  Why?  Is Mrs. Munoz suffering by being kept on life support so her child could live?  No.  There would seem to be no benefit (besides the saving of a few dollars) to turning the machine off now.  The only consequence would be the death of the child.  I wonder if the fact that the child may have deformed lower extremities came into play.  Either way, Adolf Hitler would be proud.

I’m sure the family, stricken with grief, is thinking of Mrs. Munoz, and I don’t blame them.  But the law is in place for a reason, so that, during these emotional and trying times for a family, a child’s life would be protected.  Yet again we see a judge disregarding the law and ruling according to his own personal whims.

Could our system be more broken?  If anything is left to be done, we must do it.  We must urge Governor Perry of Texas to intervene to save this child’s life. 

And as always, we must pray.  We can not judge the motives of anyone involved in this case.  We must pray for them and for justice for this little child, and for its mother, may her last heroic act on this earth be the giving of life, and may she rest in peace.