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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone

One of my favorite New Year traditions is the two-day Twilight Zone marathon on the SyFy channel.  I love ringing in the new year delving into the mind and creativity of Rod Serling.  For me, it even beats out most of the Bowl games.  (Of course I haven’t forgotten that January 1 is the feast of Mary, Mother of God, which is the true glory of the day.)

Well, this year we have already been treated with a real-life Twilight Zone episode, actually a continuation of one that has been insufferably unending.  The Supreme Court, late New Year’s Eve, granted the Little Sisters of the Poor a temporary injunction protecting them from the federal government’s predatory HHS Mandate.

The response from the Department of Justice was disappointing but not surprising.  It stated that the Little Sisters of the Poor should not have received the injunction because they have the option of simply not providing health coverage and paying the Obama Administration penalties.  On top of that, they qualify for the Administration’s pathetic “accommodation,” which in reality does nothing to protect conscience rights or religious liberty.

Many Twilight Zone episodes deal with time travel.  I suspect that if our Founding Fathers were able to travel through time and found themselves in 2014, they would be horrified and wish that the episode lasted no more than 30 minutes.

For them to see all the work they did to make liberty their legacy devolve into a situation in which any citizen, not to mention a religious order, would be forced to provide for morally objectionable activity like artificial contraception and abortifacient drugs, I imagine would be more than they could bear.

And yet, the battle rages.  The tyrannical demands of a wayward government are not laughed out of the courts or the public square as they ought to be, and people of conscience must fight for their moral lives.

If there’s one resolution we should make this new year, it is to pray.  Our government has lost its way, and it didn’t start with Mr. Obama.  It will take time to bring it back, but we can help do so only with prayer, fasting, education, and perseverance.  In the meantime, we must remember that any human law that contradicts God’s Law is no law at all.  It must be defied.  And may God be with us as we try to understand how we are called to do that.