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Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Look at the Future?

A Look at the Future?

          Tuesday is Election Day, and I’ll admit, I’m nervous.  We’ve been told election after election, each time, that it was the most important election of our lifetimes.  I believe it was true four years ago, and it is even more so now.
          Certainly a lot hangs in the balance.  With an anemic economy and over $16 trillion in debt, the stakes are high.  Even higher than that is a resurgent Al Qaeda and Iran’s rapidly progressing toward nuclear weaponry.
          For those of us in the pro-life movement, we recognize that an Obama reelection would be devastating to the Culture of Life.  We would lose countless more unborn, and almost certainly many elderly, and probably disabled.
          But the stakes have gotten even higher than many people would have predicted.  The HHS mandate, targeted at Christians and especially Catholics, is an erosion of religious liberty, the right on which our country was built.  It is fair to say that the fabric of our society, and our nation’s founding principles, are in jeopardy.
          If Obama wins, things will only get worse.  How?  I think a look at our neighbors to the north gives us the most likely scenario.
          Canada, especially Ontario, has been pummeled with violations of religious freedom rights, and we had better be on guard here as well.  It is well-known that Canada’s anti-hate speech laws have landed Christian preachers in jail for offering a Biblical perspective on sexuality.  Two bills in Ontario, Bill 13 and Bill 33, passed in just the last few months, have made things even worse, especially for Catholic schools.
          Bill 13 is supposedly an anti-bullying measure, but most opponents saw it for what it really was – a way for the law to enforce the promotion of homosexuality on the Church.  Since the passage of Bill 13, Catholic schools have been forced to create “Gay-Straight Alliance” clubs.  One school has opened a Muslim prayer room on campus in response to the bill’s requirements.  And in early October, Ontario’s education minister said that Catholic schools can not teach that abortion is wrong because it violates the “anti-bullying” law.
          With the passage of Bill 33, “gender identity” and “gender expression” have been added to the Human Rights Code, which has led, among other things, to confusion as to how bathrooms are to be used.
          I have written extensively on the teaching of the Church regarding homosexuality, and that it is the Church that refuses to define people by their sexuality or make a person’s dignity contingent on it.  If there is one institution that does not bully homosexual persons, it is the Catholic Church.  But neither are her moral teachings subject to public opinion polls.
          In Canada, the Church is under attack.  In the United States as well.  I fear that if Barack Obama is reelected, the road ahead for us is the same as that being followed in Canada.  We have to bring home a victory on Tuesday, and win or lose, we have to be engaged.  We are fighting a war, not with guns, but with Truth.  We are fighting for our freedoms, and we are fighting for souls, and we are fighting with the Mercy of God.
          Let us bring that Mercy to a broken world; may we stand firm in our convictions, and may we win back this culture.  And may we start by electing Mitt Romney on Tuesday.

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