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Monday, November 12, 2012

Fighting for the Truth

Fighting for the Truth

First, I should tell you that I am neither a false optimist nor a conspiracy theorist by nature.  My wife can vouch for that.  It is important that I point that out because by the end of this article, I will likely be accused of being both.
          With about two weeks to go before the election, I began saying that there was no way Mr. Obama was going to win, but I was very concerned that the election might be stolen.  (It is important that I mention that I did/do not blame anyone specifically.  I do not have evidence to accuse Mr. Obama or anyone else personally, even if it can be proven that massive fraud did occur.  That may seem naïve to some people, but I’d rather be thought naïve than guilty of rash judgment.  Please keep in mind that as this article progresses, though I have grave concerns, it would be unjust for me to accuse any individual of guilt.)
          Before the election, there were constant stories of fraud and irregularities, almost all implicating the left.  Of course, it was not being reported by anyone save Fox News.  I contacted prominent individuals, begging them to focus efforts on ensuring a fair election.
          When election night happened, I actually considered the result legitimate, and not the result of fraud.  Even though I believed what I had been saying, I am simply not a conspiracy theorist.  But the reports of fraud continue to pour in.
          I first saw articles from Pundit Press reporting staggering information from multiple swing states.  I do not know anything about Pundit Press, so I took the results with a grain of salt.  But I have since seen numerous stories from numerous other sources.  Here are a few of the results:
          In Ohio, Mr. Obama apparently won some districts with over 99% of the vote, including some with 100%.  These are in areas with thousands of votes cast – I believe that result is impossible.  In Pennsylvania, some precincts supposedly removed Republican poll watchers.  Pundit Press (and others) claim the results in those precincts also showed Obama with 99% or more of the vote.  In fact, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports 59 voting districts in which Romney got 0% of the vote.  In my opinion, it is simply not realistic for that result to occur legitimately, even in an urban area. 
In Ohio and Colorado, there were precincts in which voter registration totaled more than the voting-age population.  I saw this from another source prior to the election, and it was confirmed in Colorado by Media Trackers after the election.  Some outlets report that Obama won one Ohio district with 108% of the vote, compared to population.  Other states also had issues, including accusations of stolen ballots.
          Judicial Watch is apparently suing Ohio’s secretary of state Jon Husted because, among other things, two Ohio counties had more people registered to vote than the population.  Husted responded, saying that federal laws make it impossible for him to remove fraudulent registrations.  (But voter ID laws are about voter suppression, right?  Give me a break!) 
The Columbus Dispatch, a respected newspaper, opined that “more than one out of every five registered Ohio voters is probably ineligible to vote.”  All this, after Romney backed his hopes on the Buckeye State.  Judicial Watch has identified similar problems in numerous other states, including the swing states of Pennsylvania, Iowa, Colorado, and Florida.
          The Pew Center has identified about 24 million fraudulent registrations, including 1.8 million dead people, and 2.75 million people registered in more than one state.  All this in an election decided by a few thousand votes in about four states.
          Another report by the group Human Events claims that Democratic interpreters in Ohio showed non-English speakers how to vote Democratic, a clear violation of the law.  According to one unnamed poll worker, no Republican interpreters were present.
          Some of these stories of fraud were known before the election, such as those regarding registration irregularities, but those of the vote totals could only come out after.
          This is quite a lot of smoke that suggests there may be a serious fire raging.  I reiterate that I personally have no proof of fraud, and certainly can not implicate any individual.  However, there seems to be enough here to cast serious doubt on the legitimacy of last week’s election.  The American people deserve an aggressive investigation.  An election as close as this one can definitely be compromised.
          All I am calling for is that the media, Republican Party and Secretaries of State in these states fulfill their responsibility so the American people can be sure that Mr. Obama was legitimately elected.  It needs to be done before the Electoral College votes on December 17.  If this smoke does lead to fire, there will need to be court cases and a process reminiscent to 2000.  It is not optimal, but necessary if the election was a fraud, and you’d better believe it is worth it.
          I also pray that Congressman Issa and the rest of the House Republicans move diligently on their investigations of Fast and Furious, and especially Benghazi.  Again, I am NOT accusing Mr. Obama of criminal activity or cover-up, but there is certainly enough there to investigate.  If it did in fact happen, it needs to be unearthed, preferably before the Electoral College votes, because such a revelation would almost certainly cause many electors to cast their votes for Mr. Romney rather than elect Obama only to have him impeached.
          See, I am manufacturing a silver lining, or concocting conspiracies, right?  I don’t think so.  Again, I am not saying any of this is definitively true or making accusations.  All I am saying is that there are irregularities and inconsistencies that must be investigated. 
What I want from us is to put the pressure on those in government and the media with the power and responsibility to act.  No pre-determined conclusions, no angry threats.  But we have not been getting the whole story, that much is clear.  Much of the mainstream press is more concerned about burying news and creating news than reporting news.  And the Republican Party is too concerned about looking bad or losing what little power they have left to fight a battle they may not win.  It is up to us to demand the truth.
I am asking every truth seeker to contact his or her Representative and Senators, at least if they are Republican, and request that they fight for the truth.  I will also be listing tomorrow the contact information of the Republican Secretaries of State for six states that I believe Mitt Romney may possibly have won, which were awarded to Obama.  It is also worth hounding the media to cover these stories and get to the bottom of them.
If we rightfully elected Mitt Romney, then this struggle will be far less of a burden to the country than four more years of an Obama Presidency.  It will also give a voice to the American people again.  If it turns out the reports of fraud are exaggerated, so be it.  We will accept the outcome of the election.  But we deserve the truth.