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Monday, February 4, 2013

Lies, Lies and More Lies

Lies, Lies and More Lies

          We’ve all heard of the “compromise” Mr. Obama offered last week on the HHS mandate.  I wrote an article last year about Mr. Obama’s “accommodation” and why it was a joke, and unfortunately, the piece is still completely relevant since fundamentally what he is suggesting now is exactly the same thing.
          It is clear that if we are expecting Mr. Obama to be reasonable on this issue, we are idiots.  He will apparently only give in if he is forced to.  And the Catholic Church just may be able to force him to.
          However, the secular media are doing all they can to give the mistaken impression that what Mr. Obama has done is just great for Catholics.  I’ve seen multiple articles in which the only “Catholic” source that was quoted was Catholics United.  Having this group speak for all Catholics is like having the Communist party speak for business leaders.
          We Catholics have got to make our voices heard.  Speak up, write letters, mount bumper stickers, support organizations who are fighting.  Our outcry must be clear and undivided – this is not acceptable.  It will never be acceptable for the federal government to decide who is allowed to have a conscience and how that conscience must be followed.
          We hope for positive outcomes in the courts, but we can’t count on them.  The bishops will not back down.  We must unite behind them so the government and media will not be able to push the lie that Catholics are fuzzy on this issue.