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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

CD - Winning the Culture War

CD – Winning the Culture War

          The latest installment for members of Lighthouse Catholic Media’s CD of the Month Club is Peter Kreeft’s “Winning the Culture War.”  I’ve long been a fan of the theology, wit and down-to-earth common sense Professor Kreeft is known for in his books and presentations, and this CD is no exception.
          Professor Kreeft begins in the voice of Screwtape, C.S. Lewis’s fictional senior demon from The Screwtape Letters.  He is giving advice to the junior demon Wormwood as to how to destroy the Catholic Church, the last threat to their goal of the total corruption of society.
          Screwtape suggests that they turn as many Catholics as possible (bonus points for clergy and theologians) into “P.H.O.N.E.Y.S.,” an acronym that defines seven attitudes poisonous to the Church.
          Politicize the Faith – This should be easy, suggests Screwtape because “they have to absolutize politics since they have relativized religion.”  They should be made to believe that their faith should be based on political success.  And once they have found a pet issue, even if it truly is a virtuous one, the rest of their faith should be used as a means to advance their political goals.  Convince them to generically “love humanity instead of their neighbor.”  In the end, “It doesn’t matter if they worship the donkey or the elephant as long as they don’t worship God.”
          Happy Talk – This advice is to keep Catholics drunk on “happy talk.”  Convince them that the Faith has never been stronger; blind them to the crumbling of society, the lack of vocations, and the scarcity of authentic faith.  Keep them patting themselves on the back and celebrating how much they have accomplished.
          Organization – Teach Catholics to see the Church as an organization, not an organism.  They should see it as a business, not a mystery.  Teach them to fear failure, not sin.  And reverse Mother Teresa’s famous maxim that “God does not call us to be successful, but to be faithful.”
          Neo-Worship – The key here is the idea that “new is true.”  Teach Catholics to grasp on to novel ideas and dismiss their most powerful weapons for spiritual warfare by declaring them “pre-Vatican II.”  Don’t let them recognize that everything in Vatican II was based on things that were pre-Vatican II.  This should be easy because heretical theologians who have hijacked the teachings of Vatican II are far more popular reading than the actual documents of the Council.
          Egalitarianism – Catholics should be taught to worship equality, especially of the sexes.  Equality, of course, means sameness.  Do not let them see that men are superior at being men and inferior at being women, and vice versa.  Feed them the lies of the radical feminists (whose name is even a lie since “calling them feminists is like calling cannibals chefs.”)  Teach them to loathe femininity and convince them that those in awe of its beauty and power are actually sexists.
          Yuppie-dom – Turn them all into consumers.  Make them shoppers instead of saints.  Give them Christ without the Cross.  Make them expect an easy, comfortable life with little to no sacrifice.  Convince them all to be self-indulgent, self-centered and childless.
          Spirituality – Lead them on the road to gnosticism by making them “spiritual” instead of religious.  Teach them to value “niceness,” not holiness.  Convince them that the worst thing is not sin or damnation, but “fanaticism.”
          These seven attitudes, says Screwtape, if they can be imbibed by enough of the Church, should destroy it and pave the way for a complete take-over.
          At this point, Kreeft drops out of character and continues his presentation with seven ways we truly can win the culture war, build up the Church, and become more holy.
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