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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Tools of the Enemy

The Tools of the Enemy

          It seems the devil was looking over some junior demons who had just graduated from the academy and were about to go into the world for the ruin of souls.  He asked each of them how they would accomplish their diabolical aims.
          The first responded, “I am going to convince people that there is no God.”
          The devil approved of this remark and knew that men were getting easier to sell this lie to, and it would inevitably cost many of them their souls.
          The second gave his answer.  “I am not going to try to convince people there is no God.  Most of their intellects still have not darkened enough to buy that.  But I will convince them there is no devil.”
          This approach was received with even more malicious approval, as it would certainly be a powerful weapon.
          Then the third demon stepped forward.  “I will not try to convince people there is no God and I will not try to convince people there is no devil.  I will just convince them that they have plenty of time to worry about it later.”
          He graduated at the top of his class.