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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Child Sacrifice and Politics

Child Sacrifice and Politics

          There have been numerous stories in the news recently about transgendered children.  There was the story of a third-grader who had to undergo sensitivity training because he was troubled about a male friend returning to school in the fall as a girl.  Then, just last week we had the story of parents suing the school system for not allowing their son to use the girls’ restroom, even though he identifies as a girl.  Perhaps most troubling is the news of the new Massachusetts public school policy regarding gender.
          According to the policy, gender is defined not by biology, but by the way each student identifies.  So a male child who feels like a girl, is a girl, and vice versa.  Students can use the restroom that best represents the way they identify, and their participation in sports is determined, not by sex, but by gender, as each student defines it, for him or herself.  The only opinion on gender that is not respected is that exhibited by those bigoted young people who think that male children are boys and female children are girls.  If a student persists in such an archaic attitude, after reeducation, he or she could potentially face expulsion.  Most insidious of all is that school officials are not to tell parents how their children identify at school.  Giving such information to parents about their own children could result in termination.
          What planet do these social engineers come from?  Have we really decided to completely shut down our intellects and all vestiges of common sense for the sake of a warped political agenda?  This should make us all worried. 
          Gender identity disorder is a real, documented medical condition, and it is highly treatable in young children.  Of course, now there are the births of laws, such as SB 1172, recently passed in California, that bar young people from receiving treatment for it, no matter how desperately they want it.
          Many parents are obviously to blame.  I do not judge them, of course; they are doing what they think is loving for their children.  (Though there is at least one case in which evidence suggests the parents of a young boy may have encouraged him to identify as a girl to advance a transgendered political agenda they had long been supporters of.  Even this sick form of child abuse is celebrated by secular society.)  But many parents have been intentionally kept ignorant about gender identity disorder and the help that’s available for their children.
          Of course, worst of all is the blatant disregard for parental rights, as evidenced by the California law and Massachusetts policy.  The powers that be have decided that parents are not to do what they believe is best for their children if those beliefs are religious in nature or contradict the politically acceptable prescriptions of the social engineers.
          There will be the predictable lawsuits about the use of bathrooms and participation in athletic activities, as well as parental rights.  All of these are important, of course.  But in the meantime, what is forgotten are the children struggling with gender identity disorder, who are the innocent victims sacrificed on the altar of politics.
          People can appeal to emotions and pretend they have these kids’ best interests at heart, and our society is probably foolish enough to buy it.  But there is no denying that many of these children, who have the potential to be helped and live normal, healthy lives, will be denied that help and suffer for the rest of their lives.  There’s no denying that children who are left to suffer gender identity disorder on their own, have suicide attempt rates 30 times higher than their peers. 
But this social engineering is all for them, right, in their best interests?  Child abuse is celebrated and parenting is demonized.  We must continue to fight for our rights and for these children, especially if they are our own.  We should be aware of organizations like NARTH, that do so much good for these kids.  And we must refuse to comply with evil laws that keep us from protecting our kids.  They may be able to continue sacrificing children, but not if every parent refuses to let his or her child be the next victim.