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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Conclave Begins

The Conclave Begins

          If you’ve ever wondered about any of the details of how a pope is elected, see the following Web site: for an interesting presentation.
          The one thing it lacks, however, is the role of prayer in the process.  Besides voting, the cardinals will spend much time in prayer.  Although the 115 men will be choosing the new pope, they will attempt to do so under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
          As they do, let’s commit to supporting them with our prayer.  God guarantees that the man selected pope will not teach error, when teaching the whole Church in his official capacity; but He does not guarantee that the cardinals will select the holiest or necessarily the best man for the job.
          Of course, the cardinal electors will be seeking God’s Will as they attempt to do just that.  With their devotion and our prayers, we can expect a pope that we will be delighted to call our Holy Father.