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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Archbishop Lori on the Fortnight for Freedom

Archbishop Lori on the 
Fortnight for Freedom

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The following is an excerpt from an article written by Archbishop William Lori for Columbia, the magazine of the Knights of Columbus

          There is an increasing tendency on the part of many in our society to reduce religious liberty almost solely to freedom of worship.  This we must resist.  Religious freedom surely includes freedom of worship, but it also includes the freedom for private individuals to live their faith in the workplace and to advocate in the public square those truths and values that flow from faith.  Moreover, authentic religious freedom includes the freedom of churches and church organizations to conduct their schools, social services and other activities in accordance with their beliefs and teachings.
          Precisely because of this tendency to reduce religious freedom to freedom of worship, we need to come together in prayer.  We need to pray as individuals and families…And we…need to make every effort to participate wholeheartedly in the national and local activities of this year’s Fortnight for Freedom.
          May we unite in protecting our first and most cherished freedom, religious liberty!