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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Medical Sharing Options

Medical Sharing Options

The current health care crisis has hit Catholics particularly hard.  Everyone has suffered from the steep rate increases, but Mr. Obama’s HHS mandate has targeted pro-lifers, and especially Catholics.  The good news is that, though we were unable to secure a repeal of the entire Obamacare law, much of its implementation is being whittled away; and we continue to fight the mandate in court.
Still, many people have been looking for an alternative to traditional health insurance.  Medical sharing plans have become an option for some people.  I had explored a handful of companies a year ago but found that almost all required participants to sign a statement of faith that was specifically Protestant, and which I could not assent to.  The announcement of Solidarity Health Share, a Catholic medical sharing plan, was greatly welcomed.  However, its creation has seemingly stalled.
Recently I have been hearing advertisements for Medi-Share, from Christian Care Ministry, on Immaculate Heart Radio.  It makes sense that discouraged Catholics would be good potential members, but I was surprised to hear them advertising on Catholic radio since I had checked it out a year ago and the statement of faith was not one that a Catholic could sign with integrity.
However, I checked again and saw that the statement has been adjusted so that it is still very agreeable to Protestants, but is not so exclusionary of Catholics.  (You can see how you interpret the statement.)  Clearly, the company is opening its doors to Catholics and trying to create an environment in which we can feel comfortable.
As of yet, I do not have the personal experience with medical sharing plans that would allow me to recommend them (do your research), but it is very nice knowing there are more options out there.