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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Romeikes' Fight for Freedom

The Romeikes’ Fight for Freedom

Last week, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Romeike family, German Christian homeschoolers who immigrated to the United States seeking asylum because of threats of crippling fines and potential loss of custody of their children by the German government.  The Romeikes’ crime: choosing to homeschool their children, according to their Christian principles.
Originally, a judge granted the Romeikes asylum.  However, the Obama Administration sprang into action.  The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement challenged the ruling, which was overturned by the Board of Immigration Appeals in 2012.  The Sixth Circuit upheld that decision, and the legal battle continues, potentially all the way to the Supreme Court.
The plight of the Romeike family leads me to two conclusions: 1) Germany really hasn’t changed all that much since the days of the Third Reich, and 2) The devastating effects of the Obama presidency will be deeper and longer lasting than many of us had hoped.  These are rather bold claims, and may seem a bit unfair, so I will explain what I mean.
To be fair to the German government, the law against homeschooling was enacted in 1918, before the rise to power of Adolph Hitler.  However, the corruption of the youth by the government was central to the culture of the Third Reich.  The Nazis knew many people opposed their ideology, but through the schools and through compulsory participation in the Hitler Youth, they figured they could steal the minds of the young and transform society completely inside of one generation.
Now, in 2013, Germany still hasn’t learned its lesson.  Parental rights are still being usurped by the government.  And given the recent attempt to outlaw circumcision in Germany, which had many people concerned about the return of institutional anti-Semitism, the continued demand that families follow government direction with their children’s education, should make every parent shiver.  The ludicrous consequences for defying this unjust law (potential loss of custody) show just how out of control the government is, regarding this policy.
Facing all this, the Romeike case for asylum would seem like a slam dunk to most people.  It was to Judge Lawrence Burman.  But not to the Obama administration.  I understand that Mr. Obama may not have personally filed the challenge, but if we stop the buck where President Truman suggested, this travesty is a reflection of his administration.
At a time when the government is looking the other way at countless illegal immigration cases from Latin America, they go full force against a Christian family from Germany who has followed American legal policy at every step.  I am not attempting to comment on illegal immigration in general, but it seems to me that there is a double standard being applied.  Is there a reasonable explanation as to why?  Perhaps.
But regardless, it concerns me that our government can not stand up for the basic rights of a family that simply wants to raise their children according to their religious beliefs.  I understand there may be complicated relations with a foreign government, but if people can not turn to the United States of America for sanctuary from persecution, where in this world can they go?
We have heard some scary statements recently regarding who children really belong to.  I will not put those statements in the mouths of anyone in the Obama administration, but to those of us who believe in parents’ rights, the Romeike case should be a wake-up call to remain ever vigilant.
We also need to support the Romeike family.  First, please pray for them.  Next, let’s write our Congressmen and get their story out there.  Perhaps with enough pressure, and God’s Grace, we can force a change in their situation.