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Monday, July 16, 2012

Demanding a Pro-Life VP

Demanding a Pro-Life V.P.

          There has been a lot of buzz this week about who Mitt Romney might choose as his running mate.  The Drudge Report suggested that Condoleezza Rice might be the frontrunner, and the idea has been the subject of a lot of talk.  This has gotten the pro-life community a bit concerned.
          Ms. Rice is relatively liberal on social issues and has described herself as “mildly pro-choice.”  Romney does not have a great history on this issue but most people are willing to believe the convictions he says he now holds are genuine.  However, pro-lifers are rightly sensitive to being marginalized by the Republican party establishment.
          In the video below, from the campaign trail last year, Romney said he would choose a pro-life running mate, a commitment he reaffirmed in March.  Therefore, it is unlikely that Rice would be selected, especially since he would have no chance of winning without the support of the pro-life community, but an effort is being made to contact the Romney campaign and encourage him to choose a running mate that shares our values on the right of every human being to life.
          The campaign can be reached at: (857) 288-3500 or