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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Government Attacks on Parents' Rights

More Government Attacks 
on Parents’ Rights

          It’s no accident that the founders of Communism, when they sought to overtake a people, attacked primarily the family and religion, especially the Catholic Church.  It’s no accident that modern liberalism does the same.  These two have always been the prime targets of the devil.
          We are currently witnessing more and more parental rights being usurped by the state, to a degree I would have thought totally unrealistic just a decade ago.  But now, what seemed ridiculous has become reality, and we hear almost nothing about it.  The vast majority of Americans remain silent while the state takes control of our children, and raises them according to its values, instilled by force.  This is not only an American problem.  The atrocities in China are horrific and are thankfully finally making some headlines.  But the entire West is under siege, and the silence is deafening.
          We face a critical election in only four months, that may determine the ultimate fate of our nation, and the media have people convinced that the whole thing is about the economy.  This is no small issue, to be sure, but in the West we have a culture whose depravity rivals that of ancient pagan Rome.  We do not have the luxury of casting our vote according to a candidate’s tax policy.
          One of the growing threats is what I mentioned at the beginning of this article, namely the state’s encroachment on parental rights.  The current battle for religious freedom is obvious, but what about parental rights?
          In California, SB 1172 is moving through the legislature and will almost certainly get the governor’s signature if it reaches his desk.  This bill prohibits any child under 18 from receiving any help for unwanted same-sex attraction.  I have written on this extensively, including two posts on this blog.  If you live in California, please contact your assembly member today and urge him or her to oppose it.  This bill sacrifices children to a political agenda and robs parents of the right to raise their children according to their Faith.  They can not even give a suicidal child who desperately wants help the therapy he or she needs that may potentially save that child’s life.
          In Delaware SB 234 would expand the definition of child abuse to include any act that causes pain to a child.  This bill, which has passed the senate and is now under review in the house, would make the spanking of a three-year-old child a felony, punishable by two years in jail.  Spanking a child over three gets you only one year.  Once again, parental rights are being trampled.  I am not recommending spanking or not spanking a child as a form of discipline, but there can be no arguing that this bill robs parents of the right to raise and discipline children according to reasonable beliefs, simply because politicians say so.  The bill, incidentally, is being heavily pushed by Delaware attorney general Beau Biden, the son of the vice president.
          At the same time, the state is enforcing abuse on children by forcing their adoption to same-sex couples.  Now there are same-sex couples who are loving and tender people, and who truly love children, but they can not give a child what he or she truly needs from a family.  Intentionally putting a child in a family situation in which they are deprived of a mother and a father is child abuse.  Every reputable study (not to mention common sense) demonstrates this.  Studies to the contrary have been discredited due to prejudice or poor methodology, as simple research can prove.
          Not only is the state completely dismissing the needs of children, and putting them in situations that are by their nature abusive, while married couples languish on adoption waiting lists, it has demanded that the Church be complicit in this act.  In more than one city the Catholic Church has had to stop its charitable work with adoption because of its failure to comply with this immoral directive.
          Clearly the interests of the state (particularly social liberals in government) do not lie with the welfare of children.  California’s SB 1172, Delaware’s SB 234 and current widespread government adoption policy are all calculated to advance a specific political agenda at the expense of the welfare of children. 
          And the movement is advancing.  In fact, it is picking up speed.  Regardless of where we live, it will not be long before we are told how to raise our children, and what liberal social values we must instill, or else risk having our children taken away and / or being put in jail.  We had better start to fight back, furiously.  We have to defend our rights, our freedoms, and our children unceasingly if we are to defeat the beast that advances on us.
          Of course, we must do so as Christians.  We are so often the target of attacks because we are safe to attack.  We don’t go around bombing things or killing people.  And thank God that we don’t.  If that was how we were to respond, they would have robbed us of our Faith already.  We still live in a society that provides us with peaceful and powerful means of defending ourselves.  We still get decent political candidates running for office.  And there are enough Catholics in this country to elect a President by ourselves if we were united. 
          We must take these next four months to speak out.  Use the social media, write to newspapers, call in to radio shows, support organizations that are trying to mobilize Catholic voters to vote according to our Faith.   And pray without ceasing.  Our bishops are speaking out, but it is up to us to be the foot soldiers.  Jesus Christ defeated evil and transformed the world with courage, but as the Prince of Peace.  May we, in this pivotal time in our history, do the same as the Body of Christ.