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Monday, July 9, 2012

Letter to the Editor re: SB 1172

Letter to the Editor re: SB 1172

For a couple of months I’ve been urging people in California to write their Assembly members and newspapers urging opposition to SB 1172, which will be coming up for a vote in the assembly soon.  I have attached a sample letter to the editor that can be edited, for those not comfortable with writing, though many readers can do a far better job.  This is a very sensitive issue that gets the opposition very riled up, so many people are intimidated about speaking out, but we all must ask in prayer, what we are called to do.  As the Body of Christ, it is our duty to transform society.

Sent to the Orange County Register:

Defend Our Children: Fight SB 1172
There is a wicked bill silently making its way through the California government that very few people know anything about.  SB 1172 has already passed the senate; it has come out of committee and will be put to a full vote of the assembly soon.  And it will almost certainly have the support of the governor.  We need to get informed, be vocal, and contact our assembly members immediately to insist they oppose this bill.
          Among other things, SB 1172 would make it illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to receive therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion.  Not only does the bill deny legitimate rights to parents, it sacrifices vulnerable children on the altar of a political agenda.
          SB 1172 is not about discrimination against homosexual people, or defending their rights and dignity.  It is about denying help to children who need or desperately want it.
          It scorns the work of successful therapists that have helped so many young people overcome painful confusion about their identity and sexuality.  It is also a fundamental violation of individual, parental and religious rights by denying people the freedom to seek the help they believe is best for themselves and their children.
          This is another example of legislation that spits on the Constitution and turns its back on human decency and compassion.  It turns our children into statistics who will have to suffer in silence for the sake of certain politicians’ views of “progress.”  And unless we become very vocal very fast, it will be the law of the land in this state.