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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why the Court's Decision is Worse than We Thought

Why the Court’s Decision is
Worse than We Thought

          The unbelievable Supreme Court health care decision that decided the individual mandate penalty is actually a tax has far broader implications than just Obamacare.  The court in essence said that the government can fine us for not doing anything it wants us to do through their power of taxation.  An example given by Pat Buchanan:
          "[The ruling] is saying that if Congress, to stimulate the economy, orders every middle-class American to buy a new car or face a $5,000 fine, such a mandate is within its power.”
          That’s right.  The Supreme Court did not suggest its ruling was particular to health care or limited by any outside circumstance.  The government has the power to tax, and any penalty they want to charge us for not doing what they say, is Constitutional.  There doesn’t seem to be any limit to the size of the tax, either.  The only limit is the result of elections.  And though the Congress technically is the body that imposes taxation, we have seen enough done by executive order the past four years to know that certain administrations don’t always seem too interested in the separation of powers.  What, then, will be our resort?  The courts?  We’ve seen all too well how unreliable they can be.
          This Supreme Court decision opens the door for the United States government to control any of our activities through prohibitive “taxation.”  Think it couldn’t happen?  Take a walk through history.
          Forget that, span the globe today.  In China, illegal pregnancies can get someone a fine equal to five years’ wages.  When you inevitably can’t pay, forced abortion.  In Muslim countries, Christians are often levied a tax for being “infidels.”
          In the United States the government is already trying to force all of us to pay for abortions, and our Catholic institutions are being forced to provide contraception, abortifacients, and sterilizations.  Christian speech is under attack, Planned Parenthood curriculum is force-fed to our children in public schools, large families are scorned.  Many of these things are not just products of culture, but projects of Washington.
          The Supreme Court has now given our elected representatives the power to levy crippling taxes on anyone who does not stay in line. 
          Please understand, I am not saying this is where we are right now.  But I am also not so naïve as to believe it is unthinkable.  We may defeat Obamacare in November, but we also had better keep our eyes open.  I would like to see the Court (after it has gone through some improvements) take this issue up again.  It is too dangerous to let stand.