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Monday, June 3, 2013

Link - Anti-Woman Conference

Link - Anti-Woman Conference
          Women Deliver, a global conference on women’s health, was held this week in Kuala Lumpur.  “Global conference on women’s health” should make us skeptical to begin with, and when we see featured speakers like Melinda Gates and Frances Kissling, we can be sure the event will be garbage.
          Sure enough, attendees were treated to the propaganda that “reproductive rights (i.e. free contraception and universal abortion)” is the central issue to women’s health.  Nevermind that both of these things are carcinogenic, not to mention the other direct threats they pose to women’s physical, emotional and spiritual health.  And nevermind that millions of women die each year from malnutrition, preventable disease and polluted water supplies.
          Those things are of little consequence when the Left is on a mission.  Considering the interest first-world organizations have in curbing the growth of third-world populations, one has to wonder if eugenics is a driving force of this mission.  But we need not question the sincerity of the individual speakers at the Women Deliver conference.  Sincere or not, they are peddling death.  The article at the link below gives a wonderful summary of this under-reported travesty.