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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Urgent Action - Stop the CRPD!

Urgent Action –
Stop the CRPD!

          The Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) treaty is back on the agenda of the United States Senate.  This United Nations initiative was beaten back in 2012 by supporters of parental rights and national sovereignty, but it is rearing its ugly head again, and once more there is a need for citizen action.
          The CRPD is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  It sounds quite harmless, and like something that Catholics would happily support.  Which of us would oppose the best treatment for people with disabilities?  But a deeper examination, especially when one is familiar with the agenda of the United Nations, uncovers dangerous potential.
          If the United States adopts this treaty, the United Nations, rather than our country, state or community, will have the ultimate say in disability law, turning the social justice principle of subsidiarity on its head.
          Worse than that is the threat the treaty poses to parental rights.  The use of terms like “best interests of the child” have become very problematic in the United Nations.  This international body, which has determined that “reproductive rights” and “women’s health” mean unrestricted abortion, can not possibly know what is better for a child than his or her parents.
          Under this treaty, parents of children with disabilities run the risk of having their choices about what is best for their child – choices made out of a parent’s incomparable love – overruled by an international bureaucracy too often motivated by politics and ideology.
          No sane parent could want this, which is why Rick Santorum, the father of a disabled daughter, is among those leading the charge against the treaty. 
          Liberals have made it all too clear recently what they think of parents’ rights.  As Catholics, who see the parental role as sacred and primary for a child, we must stand up and be counted.
          A quick perusal of Web sites supporting CRPD shows the usual political tactics.  Opponents are personally derided and accused of spreading “misinformation.”  One thing you won’t see is an honest presentation of opponents’ concerns or answers to any of those concerns.
          Visit Patriot Voices or Parental for more information on the dangers of CRPD.  And contact your senators and encourage them to oppose it.  Follow this link to send a letter of opposition to your senators.  It takes about one minute.