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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Praying for Marriage

Praying for Marriage
          As we await two crucial Supreme Court decisions about the definition of marriage, their importance can not be overstated.  In the battle for marriage, we have had victories and defeats.  We have been told that same-sex “marriage” is inevitable, but even in the midst of that analysis, it was beaten back in liberal Illinois.
          The Supreme Court, if it denies states’ rights in the marriage controversy and creates a universal right to same-sex “marriage,” as it did with abortion in 1973, will alter the nature of the battle forever.
          As Catholics we know that no political body can create a right for either abortion or same-sex “marriage,” but it can affect laws with regard to these things and shape culture for generations.
          It is easy for us to get discouraged over the breakdown of culture and the family, and even throw our hands up in despair, but we must resist the temptation to do so.  We must also understand the implications of the Supreme Court’s decision.
          If the court gets this wrong, unlike abortion, which eventually we will win back in the law, with marriage it would be almost impossible to do so.  There will be no place to go in which marriage is still rationally defined and nowhere from which to start a cultural revolution.
          It is true that the Church will never cave on this issue; neither will most evangelical Protestant groups.  But we can imagine the mainline Protestant communities falling like dominoes.
          We know that we will be victorious in the end, but there is no guarantee that the United States of America will be around to witness that victory, nor do we know how many casualties there might be along the way.
          With all this at stake, we must pray in anticipation of the Supreme Court decision.  And if it does go badly, we must continue to pray.  After all, all things are possible with God.  What seems hopeless to human wisdom is not beyond His power. 
          I suggest a novena to St. Valentine, who gave his life defending the Sacrament of Matrimony against the Roman Empire.  May his prayers join with ours to implore Jesus, the Divine Bridegroom, to touch the hearts of the Supreme Court justices so that the institution of marriage, the foundation of civilization, may be preserved.