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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Future of the Republican Party?

The Future of the 
Republican Party?
          We have been treated to numerous stories lately about the Republican party’s problems connecting with young voters.  The analysis has been that the party needs to rethink its position on social issues, particularly abortion and same-sex “marriage.”
          The scary thing is that the party leadership may just be foolish enough to listen.  If the Republican party changes its position on these issues, it will no longer be relevant.  The base of the party, of course, is values voters, Christian values voters.
          None of them would be willing to go along with a pro-abortion party simply because the Democrats are even worse.  Liberals would still have a place to go, but the social conservatives would abandon the Republican ship in droves.
          Most likely it would mean the end of the two-party system in the United States, in itself not necessarily a bad thing.  Social conservatives would probably become a force in a third party that gains prominence, and the United States Congress would obtain majorities only through coalitions among different parties, much like the situation in much of Europe.
          Is that what’s best for the country?  Possibly.  But I doubt it’s what the Republican leadership really prefers.  In which case, they had better not think they can further disenfranchise the values voters in the party.
          What the party would be much smarter to do is repackage its message.  Especially when it comes to abortion, the pro-life position is very attractive to the youth.  But it’s not an easy message to get across.  The media and academia fight hard against it, and Planned Parenthood is a mega-bucks force that works overtime to keep Americans ignorant about the issue.
          If the Republican party wishes to survive, though, it better be prepared for some hard work.  Young people are fertile ground for conservative votes if the party works hard enough to attract them.  If not, then hopefully our new third party will.